Fusion is a bridge organization providing information, tools and coordination to help churches

continue or begin efforts within their congregations to impact:

a) the families already in their church,

b) the families in the community, not yet connected to their church but geographically close.


Coordination and communication among churches prevents duplication of efforts,

allows churches to utilize and share infrastructure that is already in place,

show the love of Christ to the community through Godly unity,

and expand the reach of the Gospel.


Participating Churches:

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Jaoni Wood, Director: 


Jaoni and her husband Gabe have four permanent children. They were licensed foster parents with Loudoun County for six years. During that time they fostered 5 children and teens, adopted two of their children from foster care, and provided respite care for other families. Through these experiences, Jaoni saw first hand the need for better community support and resources for children and families in foster care, and believes that the Body of Christ is uniquely equipped and called to meet these needs. You can reach Jaoni directly at JaoniWood@gmail.com.


Special thanks to our donating partner: 


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